About Us

Like many others across the world, I took to the simple pleasure of cooking A LOT during those early pandemic lockdown days. While my amazing wife helped out on the front line as a nurse, I stood in line at grocery stores and did most of the cooking for our family. While cycling through old and new recipe's, I took a stab at making sourdough english muffins and I fell in love with the art and science of bread making!!

Although I didn't have much of a background in baking (I'm a merchant mariner by schooling and mechanical engineer by trade), I had a handful of resources available to me...and plenty of time! I spent the past year iterating over and over on this recipe. My family, friends and neighbors have likely gained +10 lbs with the amount of english muffins I've sent their way.

Coincidentally, I've been working towards starting a business for the last 7 years and when my wife (did I mention she's amazing??) suggested putting my effort towards a bakery...I dove right in. So, please let me introduce you to Skillet Bakery! Thank you for your interest in our bakery and I'm looking forward to re-opening our community and hopefully moving into a downtown RWC location soon! 

Frank & Tessa